JIRA Report

Key Summary Status Resolution By
FELIX-4005 Maven Bundle Plugin fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, "Invalid Class File" errors with Java 8 features Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3347 Upper-case environment variables end up in final manifest Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2765 bundle plugin throw IllegalArgumentException while do the install Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-661 maven bundle plugin does not close the accessed fie /jar streams Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-4067 Old BND used causes problems during annotations processing Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3585 Dependencies with classes or resources in the default package cannot be embedded Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-2934 Bundle-ClassPath contains "." despite using _wab instruction Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-5764 Update to bnd version 3.5 Closed Fixed Neil Bartlett
FELIX-5760 Update to bnd version 3.4 Closed Fixed Neil Bartlett
FELIX-5734 The plugin generates wrong service requirements when using a jndi name in jpa Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-5592 Maven bundle plugin does not support Java 9 Multi-Release jars Closed Fixed Neil Bartlett
FELIX-5581 Update to bndlib 3.3.0 Closed Fixed Stefan Seifert
FELIX-5579 Bundle Plugin uses insecure maven-archiver 2.5 Closed Fixed Stefan Seifert
FELIX-5527 Bundle plugin Embed-Dependency complains about class files in META-INF Closed Fixed Neil Bartlett
FELIX-5424 Augment exported service metadata Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-5258 Add a new MOJO which verifies the bundle integrity Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-5253 Update to bndlib 3.2.0 Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-5233 New JPA analyser for the maven bundle plugin Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-5149 Update to bndlib 3.1.0 Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-5116 Dump SCR component definitions broken Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-5073 Option to create dependency-reduced-pom exists Closed Fixed Benson Margulies
FELIX-5070 Simple syntax for specifying embedded dependencies has broken Closed Fixed Benson Margulies
FELIX-5062 maven-bundle-plugin includes tests dependencies in package analysis Resolved Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-5047 Disable bnd ScrPlugin by default Resolved Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-5029 Update to bnd 3.0.0 Resolved Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4956 Embed latest bndlib Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4892 NPE in maven-bundle-plugin Resolved Fixed David Bosschaert
FELIX-4874 IllegalArgumentException: Invalid syntax for version: 0.1-SNAPSHOT Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4824 Add support for prepending instructions Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4823 Filtering snapshots is failing if version qualifier contains more than "SNAPSHOT". Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4809 Add comparisonGroupId support Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4707 use Maven Plugin Tools Java 5 annotations instead of javadoc tags Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4691 Empty string value for property causes build failure Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4619 Debug output of project properties Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4596 Passing configuration values to the maven-bundle-plugin Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4591 add the ability to specify the classifier in the new baseline configuration of the plugin. Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4576 Bad Require-Capability generation when the SCR target filter has no parentheses Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4574 The maven-bundle-plugin only generates Provide-/Require-Capabilities for SCR if version is 1.1.0 Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4556 Maven Bundle Plugin fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, "Invalid Class File" errors with Java 8 features Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-4539 Update to Bndlib 2.3.0 Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-4518 Provide a way to disable some plugins Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4517 Generate generic capabilities and requirements for services from blueprint and scr descriptors Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-4512 Add a new Mojo to invoke the BND Baseline tool Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4017 @ProviderType does not work (bnd "provide:=true" annotation?) Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-4009 maven bundle plugin should be integrated directly with eclipse Closed Fixed Carsten Ziegeler
FELIX-3973 Exclusion from {local-packages} doesn't work anymore Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3638 Missing package import for annotation default value Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3630 Packages exported by bundle are (re)-imported with incorrect version Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3602 The bundle plugin should generate the blueprint header with the file locations Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-3601 Incorrect namespace in component XML for DS Annotations Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3565 Embed-Transitive leaks transitive dependencies of excluded artifacts Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-3497 Wrong artifact type attached as a secondary artifact when project packaging is set to "pom" Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3462 Nicer Manifest formatting Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-3407 Imports are missed for generics Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3352 Maven Bundle Plugin ignores resource properties configured inside <filters> section Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3349 wrong bundle manifest contents in some cases Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3324 Allow maven-bundle-plugin:manifest to dump SCR component definitions generated by bnd Resolved Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-3310 [patch] maven-bundle-plugin build fails with maven3 (manageArtifactSystemPath is missing) Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3293 Exception while creating empty fragment bundles with version 2.3.6 Closed Fixed Unassigned
FELIX-3254 manifest goal generates wrong Export-Package when Embed-Dependency Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3222 [PATCH] build fails with "unreported exception" Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3210 Maven bundle plugin remote-clean goal without user confirmation Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3209 Make sure the properties passed to BND only include string values Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3208 Provide default value for sourcepath when using BND -sources=true Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3206 Restore the BND analyzer approach which creates a MANIFEST.MF based on the contents of the jar Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3188 [PATCH] exception org.apache.maven.project.artifact.InvalidDependencyVersionException has already been caught Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3185 Negative Embed-Dependency clauses aren't handled correctly Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3165 Add an option to the manifest goal that will copy any BND generated resources to the target folder Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3092 Support relative paths in "urlTemplate" parameter of "bundle:index" goal in maven bundle plugin Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3061 improvements to Embed-Dependency logic to allow better m2e integration Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3058 maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.5 incompatible with maven-source-plugin (regression) Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3037 Plugin does not work with Java 5 Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3031 maven3 deployment fails where maven2 works Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-3011 Add a new goal to save the bnd instructions that would be passed onto bnd, to allow people to use other toolchains such as bndtools Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2884 The multiplicity isn't taken into account by the maven bundle plugin and bundlerepository when generating the repository xml Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-2872 Provide a way to have an easier to read manifest Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2820 Provide a default value when using <_wab/> Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2819 packageinfo files in src/main/java are ignored Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2812 The <Embed-Dependency> filter can fail if your matching against multiple "*" artifact ids. Closed Fixed Hiram Chirino
FELIX-2811 If <Private-Package>!*</Private-Package> is defined the all packages should be exported by {local-packages} Closed Fixed Hiram Chirino
FELIX-2808 maven-bundle-plugin should scan for local packages by looking for *.class files instead of *.java so that all the JVM languages can be supported. Closed Fixed Hiram Chirino
FELIX-2701 Add a {local-packages} macro for automatically expanding local packages in the <Export-Package> instruction Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-2692 Support maven type 'wab' for web bundles Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2449 Resource filtering does not use Maven properties specified on the mvn command line via -D command line switches Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2435 <supportedProjectType> on a WAR file will switch the project to generate jar artifacts Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2427 maven site crashes Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2346 mvn bundle:clean removes all, even the existing resources Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2215 Refactor bundlerepository and maven bundle plugin obr data model Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-2210 Bogus import entries Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2194 The manifest and bundle goals seem to generate different manifest informations Closed Fixed Stuart McCulloch
FELIX-2176 Upgrade maven-bundle-plugin to up to date bnd Closed Fixed Richard S. Hall
FELIX-2175 Improve the Blueprint component to parse / introspect blueprint configuration files and generate OBR service requirements / capabilities accordingly Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-2173 Fix inconsistent maven->osgi version conversion between maven-bundle-plugin and DefaultMaven2OsgiConverter Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-2155 The maven bundle plugin generates wrong capabilities for packages with directives Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet
FELIX-2112 Carriage returns are removed from instructions, but the lines should be trimmed alltogether Closed Fixed Guillaume Nodet