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Felix R4 OSGi Service Platform Contributions

These are the recorded contributions:

org.osgi.framework The OSGi Framework Package. Richard Hall (LSR/UJF) Project contribution ICLA, CCLA, and Grant Yes
org.osgi.service.device The OSGi Device Access Package.
org.osgi.service.io The OSGi IO Connector Specification Version 1.0. Pending, To Be Announced
org.osgi.service.metatype The OSGi Metatype Package. Felix Meschberger Result Grant and ICLA Yes
org.osgi.service.provisioning The OSGi Provisioning Service Package.
org.osgi.util.measurement The OSGi Measurement Package. Reference
org.osgi.util.position The OSGi Position Package. Reference
org.osgi.util.tracker The OSGi Service Tracker Package. Reference
org.osgi.util.xml The OSGi XML Parser service Package. Reference
org.apache.felix.shell.remote Remote Shell Dieter Wimberger Result [IP Clearance http://incubator.apache.org/ip-clearance/felix-remote-shell.html]

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