The JUnit4OSGi framework: a simple test framework for OSGi

JUnit4OSGi is a test framework executing JUnit tests on an OSGi runtime. JUnit4OSGi provides a JUnit++ environment specialized for OSGi, several runners and a maven plugin executing your tests during your build process

Why JUnit4OSGi ?

OSGi is a great technology to create modular and dynamic applications. However, creating modular applications raise the need of integration tests: How to be sure that all my modules/services... collaborate correctly. Unit test is great, but does not really check my whole system and the relation between my modules. Junit4OSGi is a framework allowing the execution of JUnit tests in an OSGi environment ! It stems from the fact that testing applications on top on OSGi is quite complex compared to classic Java unitary tests. With junit4osgi you will be able to test all your bundles together and check that everything works correctly (integration tests).

The goal of JUnit4OSGi is to provide the same mechanisms as unitary tests in an OSGi context. It allows using the JUnit concepts, although tests are run in an OSGi framework, using all of its distinctiveness. The JUnit4OSGi framework allows you to : Perform OSGi services tests. Test applications on different VMs, OSGi implementations. * Test dynamism impact.

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