Supported Java Virtual Machines

Features Sun JVM (1.4, 5, 6) Oracle JVM and OpenJDK Harmony JamVM Mika JRockit Dalvik (Android)
Core features
Composites features
Configuration Admin
Temporal service dependencies
Whiteboard and Extender pattern handler
Event admin handler

Feel free to send a mail on the Felix mailing list if a JVM is not listed here.

Note about Android iPOJO is supported on Android except for two features:
  • Nullable are not supported (Default-Implementations are supported)
  • Composites cannot provide services (but they can export services)
These two limitations comes from the Android VM (Dalvik) that does not support the definition of new classes at runtime (i.e. dynamically generated classes).
Note about Android iPOJO 1.6+ uses smart proxy by default. On Android this is not supported, however, you can disable the proxies with: proxy="false" in the service requirements.