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Apache Felix Sigil Eclipse Features

Project Editor

Double click on a sigil.properties file to open it in the project editor. From here you can control the main features of your project, including: bundle headers bundle contents dependencies (i.e. import-package, require-bundle etc) exports (package exports, sca composites, etc)

To link to other OSGi bundles (either in the workspace or from an external repository) just add the appropriate OSGi dependencies and Sigil will resolve a bundle and add it to your classpath. To link to non OSGi bundles you can use the standard project build path tool to add jars - if you want these jars to be included in your built bundle, add them to the classpath table on the contents tab.

Quick Fix

Sigil provides a number of quick fix options whilst editing java files. If a class needs to be imported to the bundle classpath press the quick fix icon in the left hand border (or ctrl+1 - by default) to search for a package export that provides the class and add it to the project's classpath.


Repositories are where the external dependencies for your project live. For more information see the overview.


Sigil provides a number of views to help aid the developer. To open these views open them via "Window -> Show View -> Other" and navigate to the Sigil sub section.

Bundle Dependency View

Select a sigil.properties file to show the dependencies for that project.


Repository View

The repository view allows the developer to browse the contents of a repository via a tree view.


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