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Sigil Properties


sigil.properties is the common configuration file used in both the Eclipse and Ivy plugins. It is also used for the repository configuration (sigil-repos.properties).

It supports 4 types of property:

The sub-property type allows values to be set that are groups of properties. The key prefix before ';' identifies the sub-property name. All keys with the same prefix contribute to the sub-property value.

The -defaults mechanism allows projects to share common bundle headers and default package import versions.

Most values are passed to Bnd, so Bnd syntax can usually be used, for example: -resources: @lib, to embed a library.


Name Type Description
-bundles list Set bundles to create. Each bundle should be defined as sub-properties prefixed with the bundle name, unless only a single bundle is defined, when the prefix can be omitted.
-repositories list Set repositories to use. Each repository should be defined as sub-properties prefixed with the repository name.
-defaults simple Reads in specified defaults file. If prefixed with '-' then any error reading file is ignored. Default is -../sigil-defaults.properties
header;key sub-property Specify additional bundle headers.
package;key sub-property Specify default Import-Package versions. e.g. package;org.osgi.framework: 1.4
bundle;key sub-property Specify default Require-Bundle versions.
name simple Set Bundle-SymbolicName. Default is bundle id from -bundles.
version simple Set bundle version and default export version.
-activator simple Set bundle activator.
-contents list Add specified packages to bundle. Defaults from -sourcedirs, or if not set -exports.
-sourcedirs list Alternative way to specify bundle contents.
-resources list Specify additional resources to add to bundle. Supports BND use of
-exports map Set Export-Package bundle header. Export version defaults from bundle version.
-requires map Specify Require-Bundle dependencies.
-imports map Specify Import-Package dependencies. Sigil adds the resolve attribute:
* resolve=compile Only use import to determine compile dependencies; do NOT add to bundle headers.
* resolve=runtime Always add import to bundle headers (even if it appears unneeded). Do NOT generate compile dependency.
-fragment map Set Fragment-Host bundle header.
-libs map Add jars to bundle. Attributes:
* kind=classpath also adds jar to Bundle-Classpath
* kind=codebase sets Newton RMI-Codebase
option;name sub-property Specify Sigil options:
* option;addMissingImports=true Let Bnd calculate imports (i.e. specify *) then update with Sigil versions. Default: true.
* option;omitUnusedImports=true (implies addMissingImports=true) Avoids Bnd warnings when project contains multiple bundles which don't all use all imports. Default: true for projects with multiple bundles; otherwise false.
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