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Apache Felix User Admin - File Store

The Apache Felix User Admin file store provides a file-based store for use with the Felix UserAdmin service. It uses a binary file-format to persist the role information. This file will always be written in the data area of the bundle and be called "ua_repo.dat".

The file-based store service this bundle provides can be configured at runtime by using the service PID "org.apache.felix.useradmin.filestore". The configuration options recognized by this service are:

Alternatively, one can also supply the above mentioned configuration keys prefixed with "org.apache.felix.useradmin.filestore." as system properties. For example by adding -Dorg.apache.felix.useradmin.filestore.background.write.disabled=true to your JVM arguments will disable persisting the changes upon each change. However, using system properties will imply that only a single store can be configured on a system (which could be a sensible default for some situations)!

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