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Board Report (2007-06)


Community Feathercast Felix podcast released. Presentations at OSGi Community Event on June 26/27. Added Clement Escoffier as a new committer. Added Niclas Hedhman as a new committer/PMC member. Continued work on web pages (e.g., new tutorials). Proposed slightly revised community roles/process document that takes into account our TLP move and explicitly resolves an issue that came up on the private mailing list regarding the nomination process for committers/PMC members.

Migration to TLP Verified committer access to new web site. Deleted incubator web site content. Removed incubator disclaimers from SVN and updated SVN artifacts to no longer mention the incubator or the old incubator web site or mailing lists; the only remaining incubator references are in our version numbers, which will be removed when we make our first non-incubator release. Still some minor incubator status page clean up remaining.

Software Some good commits in the area of specification compliance (one in the area of require-bundle functionality and another fix for a long standing issue for dynamic package imports) and in the area of performance (by adding package indexing to the framework resolver). Added experimental features to Felix to flesh out some potential ideas for next OSGi specification; these features are trying to deal with scenarios such as byte code injection in modules. * Other various smallish improvement and minor bug fix commits.

Licensing and other issues * None.

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