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Board Report (2007-09)


Community Added Stuart McCulloch as new committer. Added new example application and documentation to the web site. (http://cwiki.apache.org/FELIX/apache-felix-application-demonstration.html) Accepted revised community roles/process document that takes into account our TLP move. Upayavira announced his intention to step down from the Felix PMC and the actions necessary to do so have commenced. New Felix logo and website layout created. Donation of Deployment Admin implementation was announced, expected next month.

Migration to TLP * Appears to have been completed.

Software Released the first 1.0.0 non-incubator release of the Felix framework, including various sub-project releases to support the framework (e.g., Maven plugin for creating bundles, shell-related bundles for interacting with the framework, etc.) Uncovered and resolved a couple minor bugs in the 1.0.0 release, so a 1.0.1 release is already in the works. * Fixed a number of concurrency issues in the Config Admin and Declarative Services implementations reported by the user community.

Licensing and other issues * None.

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