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Board Report (2008-03)


Community Added Stuart McCulloch to the PMC. Added Christian van Spaandonk as a committer to work on Deployment Admin.

Software Released 1.0.1 version of core Felix sub-projects (i.e., framework and main). This release fixed mostly minor bugs discovered since the prior release, although there were a few minor new features added as well. Released 1.0.3 release of Felix framework/main subprojects; which included numerous bug fixes and feature ehancements (including support for running the framework on Google's Android). Released numerous other subprojects, including Bundle Plugin, SCR Plugin, OBR Plugin, Preferences, Config Admin, Metatype, Event Admin, and Bundle Repository. Finalized Deployment Admin contribution from Luminis and committed it to our SVN repository. Finalized Peter Kriens' contribution of the File Install bundle and committed it to our SVN repository. Karl Pauls committed a significant patch that adds more complete security framework to the Felix framework and also provides implementations for security-related OSGi standard services (e.g., Permission Admin and Conditional Permission Admin); these improvements will be made available in a future release.

Licensing and other issues * None this period.

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