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Board Report (2009-03)


Community Niclas Hedhman stepped down from the Felix PMC. Additional contributions from David Bosschaert of the CXF community for patches to Felix to support distributed OSGi features from the next OSGi specification release. Proposed contribution of new OSGi shell from Peter Kriens, based on a proposed new OSGi R4.2 specification. Received code contributions for File Install subproject from community members Sahoo and Filippo Diotalevi. * Marcel did a 15 minute lightning talk about Dynamic Deployment with Apache Felix at FOSDEM '09 in Brussels.

Software Attempt to integrate PAX Logging into Felix has apparently been abandoned due to lack of time by those involved. Preparing to release version 1.6.0 of Felix. Released version 1.4.1 of Felix (includes Framework 1.4.1 and Main 1.4.1); there were several small fixes and improvements in this release, but the main focus was to release patches needed by the CXF community to support distributed services. Released various other subprojects (e.g., iPOJO 1.2.0, Web Console 1.2.2, Remote Shell 1.0.4, Config Admin 1.0.10, Maven Bundle Plugin 2.0.0). Checked in a testing harness for both bundles and the framework itself based on bnd (from Peter Kriens). Added ConfigAdmin support and support for NIO for HTTPS to the HTTP Service implementation. * Committed Device Access specification implementation, which was contributed by Dennis Geurts.

Licensing and other issues * None.

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