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Board Report (2011-09)


Community Normal mailing list and bug reporting activity. Ken Gilmer has offered to contribute a lightweight OSGi HTTP Service implementation (FELIX-3084), which has received positive response from the community, so we just need to start the formal acceptance process.

Software * Recent subproject releases: Bundle Repository (1.6.6) EventAdmin (1.2.14) Gogo Runtime, Shell, and Command (0.10.0) iPOJO Whiteboard Pattern Handler (1.6.0) Maven Bundle Plugin (2.3.5) Maven SCR Plugin (1.7.2) SCR Annotations (1.6.0) SCR Ant Task (1.1.2) SCR Generator (1.1.2) * Other software activity Felix Framework and Framework Security Provider are nearing completion on major new releases that will be compliant with the latest OSGi R4.3 specification.

Project Branding Project Website Basics: done Website Navigation Links: done Trademark Attributions: done Logos and Graphics: open * TM missing from all Logos Project Metadata: done

Licensing and other issues * None.

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