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Board Report (2012-03)


Apache Felix is a project aimed at implementing specifications from the OSGi Alliance as well as implementing other supporting tools and technologies aligned with OSGi technology.

Community Normal mailing list and bug reporting activity. Reuben Garrett has volunteered to work on the iPOJO documentation. * Benedikt Ritter has volunteered to work on improving documentation on our wiki.

Software Recent subproject releases: iPOJO Manipulator (1.8.2) Lightweight OSGi HTTP Service (0.1.4) Maven Bundle Plugin (2.3.7) Service Diagnostics Web Console Plugin (0.1.1) - First release of contributed project by Arjun Panday. * Utils (1.1.2)

Project Branding Project Website Basics: done Website Navigation Links: done Trademark Attributions: done Logos and Graphics: open * TM missing from all Logos Project Metadata: done

Licensing and other issues * None.

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