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Incubator Status Report (October 2006)

Community Proper wiki/web page created by Marcel Offermans and Ronald Spierenburg. Manuel Santillán, Jose L. Ruiz, and Juan C. Dueñas added as committers for their work with JMX and OSGi (i.e., JMood). * Didier Donsez added as a committer for his long-time work around OSGi and Felix.

Software Contribution of the JMood project for another approach to JMX/OSGi integration from Manuel Santillán, Jose L. Ruiz, and Juan C. Dueñas. Contribution of extensive set of example code from Didier Donsez. Contribution of log service implementation from Dale Peakall. Major framework enhancements to the Felix framework around security from Karl Pauls. Specification compliance improvements for the framework around native library loading by Arnaud Quiblier and Richard Hall. Work on implementing the framework resolver algorithm using a generic capability/requirement model was committed into Richard Hall's sandbox; work continues on try to modify this new resolver to support require-bundle. Continued enhancements to iPOJO from Clement Escoffier. Work on a Maven-based testing harness for Felix by Alex Karasulu.

Licensing and other isses Attempt for gradution was post-poned to concentrate on creating a release that addresses any and all outstanding obstacles for release. Removed javax.microedition.io dependency for the time being until a proper licensed version is available from the OSGi Alliance.

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