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OSGi Bundle-Service Diagrams


From Peter Kriens' blog on {link:Bundle-Service Diagrams | http://www.osgi.org/blog/2006/04/details-are-important-when-you-are.html}: {quote} ... use a circle for a bundle and a triangle for a service. The service can be used in 3 different ways by a bundle, and this needs to be depicted:

  1. Consumer - The bundle that gets the service is the consumer. The arrow from the bundle attaches to the horizontal or vertical line on a service triangle. An OSGi service can be consumed many times by any bundle. Many bundles can therefore connect to the horizontal or vertical line of the triangle.
  2. Implementer - The bundle that implements the service must register it. This is depicted by drawing a line to a corner of the triangle. An OSGi service can be registered many times by the same or different bundles.
  3. Listener - A listener bundle connects to one of the angled lines of the triangle. A listener is notified of registrations, modifications and unregistrations of the service. A service can have many listeners.

A service is identified by its interface.


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