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Supported OSGi Implementations

Despite iPOJO is an Apache Felix subproject, it relies only on OSGi R4 features. So, it is possible to use it on others OSGi implementations.

Features Apache Felix Eclipse Equinox Knoplerfish
Configuration Admin
Temporal Dependency
Whiteboard pattern handler
Extender pattern handler
Event Admin handler
JMX handler (requires Java 5+)

Feel free to send a mail on the Felix mailing list, if an implementation is not listed here.

Note about Knopflerfish

Old version of Knopflerfish does not allow getting a service during its unregistration. To enable this feature, launch the Knopflerfish framework with the -Dorg.knopflerfish.servicereference.valid.during.unregistering=true property. You can add this property in the props.xargs file

Recent version of KF does no more require this property.

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