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iPOJO Webconsole Plugin

If you like the Apache Felix Web Console, you will be interested by the iPOJO plugin. This plugin gives you all the information about iPOJO instances, factories and handlers deployed on the framework.


  • Lists created instances
  • Gives details about instances (state, factory, required services, provided services, used instances, and raw architecture)
  • Lists available factories
  • Gives details about factories (state, created instances, required handlers, missing handlers, raw architecture, properties...)
  • List available handlers
  • Instance and Factories are navigable, so you can easily understand the system architecture

In other words, it replace the arch command.

Using the plugin

To use the plugin you need an OSGi platform with:

  • an HTTP Service (Download)
  • The Apache Felix Webconsole
  • iPOJO
  • The iPOJO Plugin (compiled with iPOJO)

To start the web console, please refer to the Apache Felix web console documentation.

You can also use OBR to deploy the web console and the plugin:

obr start "Apache Felix Web Management Console"

This command deploys an HTTP Service, the web console, iPOJO (core) and the plugin.


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