iPOJO Webconsole Plugin

If you like the Apache Felix Web Console, you will be interested by the iPOJO plugin. This plugin gives you all the information about iPOJO instances, factories and handlers deployed on the framework.


Using the plugin

To use the plugin you need an OSGi platform with:

You can download this Felix distribution as a deployment example. Unzip the archive and go to the Felix directory to launch Felix:

cd ipojo-webconsole-quicktart-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT/felix-framework-4.2.1/
java -jar bin/felix.jar

Once launched, you can check the deployed bundles:

[INFO] Started jetty 6.1.x at port(s) HTTP:8080
Welcome to Apache Felix Gogo

g! INFO : org.apache.felix.webconsole.plugins.memoryusage (17): Storing Memory Dumps in /Users/clement/Projects/felix-trunk/ipojo/distributions/ipojo-webconsole-quicktart/target/ipojo-webconsole-quicktart-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT/felix-framework-4.2.1/./felix-cache/bundle17/data/dumps
INFO : org.apache.felix.webconsole.plugins.memoryusage (17): Setting Automatic Memory Dump Threshold to 0% for pools [CMS Old Gen, CMS Perm Gen, Code Cache]
INFO : org.apache.felix.webconsole.plugins.memoryusage (17): Automatic Memory Dump cannot be set for pools [Par Eden Space, Par Survivor Space]
INFO : org.apache.felix.webconsole.plugins.memoryusage (17): Setting Automatic Memory Dump Interval to 21600 seconds

g! lb
   ID|State      |Level|Name
    0|Active     |    0|System Bundle (4.2.1)
    1|Active     |    1|Java Servlet API (2.4.0)
    2|Active     |    1|Commons FileUpload (1.2.2)
    3|Active     |    1|Commons IO (2.4.0)
    4|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Bundle Repository (1.6.6)
    5|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Command (0.12.0)
    6|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Runtime (0.10.0)
    7|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Gogo Shell (0.10.0)
    8|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Http Api (2.2.0)
    9|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Http Base (2.2.0)
   10|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Http Jetty (2.2.0)
   11|Active     |    1|Apache Felix iPOJO (1.8.6)
   12|Active     |    1|Apache Felix iPOJO Annotations (1.8.6)
   13|Active     |    1|Apache Felix iPOJO Gogo Command (1.0.1)
   15|Active     |    1|Apache Felix iPOJO WebConsole Plugins (1.7.0.SNAPSHOT)
   16|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Web Management Console (4.0.0)
   17|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Web Console Memory Usage Plugin (1.0.2)
   18|Active     |    1|Apache Felix Web Console Package Admin Service Plugin (1.0.0)
   19|Active     |    1|osgi.cmpn (
   20|Active     |    1|OW2 Chameleon - JSON Bundle (from org.json) (20090911.0.0.0002)

You access the web console at: http://localhost:8080/system/console/. The login/password are admin/admin. The iPOJO tabs gives you all the iPOJO information of the system.