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Dependency Manager - Service Dependency

A service dependency allows you to depend on a service, either by type or by using an additional filter condition. You can even depend on an existing service directly by providing a reference to it.


Annotates a method or a field for injecting a Service Dependency on it. When applied on a class field, optional unavailable dependencies are injected with a NullObject.

Annotation attributes:

Usage Example:

Here, the MyComponent component is injected with a dependency over a "MyDependency" service.

class MyComponent {
     MyDependency dependency;
     // ...

Usage example of a Service whose dependency filter is configured from ConfigAdmin, using a "named" dependency (please check Here for more informations about "named" dependencies):

  * A Service whose service dependency "otherService" filter is configured from ConfigAdmin
class X {
    private Dictionary m_config;

       * Initialize our service from config ... and store the config for later usage (from our init method)
     void configure(Dictionary conf) {
           m_config = config;

      * All unnamed dependencies are injected: we can now configure other named
      * dependencies, using the already injected configuration.
      * The returned Map will be used to configure our "otherService" Dependency.
     Map init() {
         return new HashMap() ;

      * This named dependency filter/required flag will be configured by our init method (see above).
         void bindOtherService(OtherService other) {

      * All dependencies are injected and our service is now ready to be published.
      * Notice that you can also use the publisher service attribute if you need
      * to take control on service exposition.
     void start() {
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