Projects Using Felix

This page highlights projects that use Apache Felix (listed alphabetically):

  • Apache Karaf - A small, OSGi-based runtime that provides a lightweight container into which various components and applications can be deployed (formerly an Apache Felix subproject).

  • Apache ServiceMix - An Enterprise Service Bus (using Felix via Karaf).

  • Apache Sling - A framework for RESTful web-applications based on an extensible content tree.

  • Apache Tuscany - An open source implementation of SCA.

  • Ascert VersaTest - Enterprise system testing platform.

  • DySoWeb - A platform for dynamic component deployment.

  • GlassFish - JavaEE application server.

  • OW2 JOnAS - JavaEE application server.

  • SIP Communicator - A multi-protocol instant messenger and SIP software phone.