DEPENDENCIES file template

Each released software archive must contain a DEPENDENCIES file in it to declare third-party dependencies and their licenses. The following template should be used:

Apache Felix AAA
Copyright BBB The Apache Software Foundation

This software was developed at the Apache Software Foundation
( and may have dependencies on other
Apache software licensed under Apache License 2.0.

I. Included Third-Party Software


II. Used Third-Party Software


III. Overall License Summary
- Apache License 2.0

Where the placeholders have the following meaning:

  • AAA - Name of the Felix subproject.

  • BBB - Copyright year or range of years.

  • CCC - List of third-party software included in the archive.

  • DDD - List of third-party software used (but not included) by the archive.

  • EEE - List of additional third-party licenses as a result of the dependencies.

The format for an individual third-party dependency is flexible, but should try to include the name of the developing organization or individual, a URL, a copyright, and the license. For example, a dependency on OSGi software would look like this:

This product includes software developed at
The OSGi Alliance (
Copyright (c) OSGi Alliance (2000, 2009).
Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

If you need additional examples on how to fill out a DEPENDENCIES file, look at other examples in the SVN repo or ask on the dev@felix mailing list.