Apache Felix Health Checks

Based on a simple HealthCheck SPI interface, Felix Health Checks are used to check the health/availability of Felix systems at runtime based on inputs like

  • OSGi framework status

  • JMX MBean attribute values

  • OSGi service(s) / SCR component(s) availability

  • …​ or any context information retrievable via any API

Health checks are easily extensible either by

  • configuring the default HealthCheck services in bundle generalchecks (can be configuration or scripts)

  • or by implementing your own HealthCheck to cater special requirements (this is done by just registering a service for this interface)

For simple setups, the out of the box health checks are usually sufficient.

To execute health checks, the Gogo commands hc:list and hc:exec are provided or with the web console plugin installed, use the URL /system/console/healthcheck.

For detailed documentation, see README.md file in source repository.