In an effort to make it easier to find desired documentation, we have divided our documentation section into the following six areas:

  • Getting started - This area captures a few links from the areas below that will help you get started with Felix.

  • FAQs - This area captures all FAQ documentation, which typically varies from subproject to subproject.

  • Community - This area captures documentation associated with how the Felix community works and how to become involved in it.

  • Development - This area captures documentation for Felix developers or those interested in becoming Felix developers; this is not intended for Felix users although some information may be useful.

  • Subprojects - This area captures user documentation for the various Felix subprojects.

  • Tutorials, examples, and presentations - This area captures general user documentation that does not necessarily fit into any single subproject.

In addition a site map is available as a table of contents of the site.

If you are unable to find the documentation you need, please ask on the mailing lists. Also, feedback on improving the documentation and/or organization of this site is welcome.

The Felix web site and documentation are managed with Antora. For Apache Felix specific information see the Site How-To.